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Radius Connect is the telecoms division of Radius Payment Solutions, a global business services provider with a turnover of 2.5 billion pounds. Radius started over 30 years ago in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and now operates in 17 countries across 5 continents. Our head office is located in Crewe just south of Manchester where we opened a new Campus building in 2019 which is now home to 750 of our 1700 people. Customers range from SMEs to major international businesses and cover nearly every industry in the market.

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Products and solutions

Radius Fuel Solutions

Radius Fuel Solutions provides fuel payment cards for vehicle fleets. Offering its own cards, branded cards from global oil companies and white-label solutions, Radius services over a million card users globally.

Radius Telematics

Radius Telematics provides user friendly software that gives vehicle-tracking information to over 250,000 business users worldwide. Vehicle hardware ranges from self-install devices to high-end equipment with dashboard cameras.

Radius Connect

Radius Connect has over 30 years of experience providing sophisticated solutions to major UK financial clients as well as simpler mobile, fixed and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products to companies of all sizes.

Radius Insurance

Radius Insurance has over 60 years of UK experience in the full range of insurance products, with experts in bespoke policies for business assets and vehicle fleets. Claims handlers with industry and risk-management knowledge protect customers’ interests at every step.

Radius Charge Cards

Backed by Mastercard, Radius Charge Cards help smaller vehicle fleets manage their drivers’ purchases of fuel and other work expenses. Accounts are in sterling and the cards are accepted worldwide.

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