Radius Connect Fair Usage Policy

It is important to us that our customers receive a high quality, reliable service. Our fair usage policy aims to ensure that customers receive a consistent level of optimal service, without disruption caused by unpermitted excessive use.

Fair usage per month:

  • 25GB national data
  • 20GB EU roaming data
  • 2,000 minutes
  • 750 texts

The fair usage policy applies to all tariffs and bundles, including the unlimited tariffs.

Stated data volumes include both downloaded and uploaded data.

Please be aware that your use of certain applications may exceed the fair usage policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that your usage remains fair and in accordance with our fair usage policy and our terms and conditions.

The following practices are not considered as normal use (non-exhaustive list) per SIM card:

  1. when the Customer sends more than 750 SMS messages per month;

  2. when the Customer regularly sends SMS messages to more than 250 different recipients per month;

  3. when the Customer regularly makes calls for more than 6 hours per day and/or 30 hours per week;

  4. when the Customer’s mobile data usage puts an abnormal load on the network and / or can negatively affect the experience of the other customers.

If we believe you are exceeding our fair usage policy, we can, amongst others:

  1. limit the supply of the Mobile Services in accordance with clause 10 of our terms and conditions;

  2. terminate our agreement with you in accordance with clause 11 of our terms and conditions ; or

  3. recover any losses from the Customer, including any network termination costs or out of bundle charges payable by you.

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