What is the difference between a business mobile contract and a consumer mobile contract?

Businesses managers, especially those who manage small businesses, often hem and haw over choosing between the best business mobile contracts and a consumer mobile contract. The choice should be, in fact, simple. No matter if you’re a tiny business or a sole trader, the benefits of opting for business mobile phone contracts are far greater. Keep reading and you’ll find out why. 

When you’re considering getting a business mobile contract, it’s important to take your time and make the right decision the first time around. It can be stressful and time consuming to switch mobile phone provider every year. So, why not find the right one that you can trust for many years to come on your first try? 

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What are the main differences between a business mobile contract and a consumer mobile contract?

If you run a small business, you must have wondered at least once if it’s actually worth using a business mobile plan instead of a consumer or personal one. There is this common misconception that a business vs personal phone contract will cost more. Besides, providers don’t do the best job at explaining the differences, the extras, and the benefits you get with a business mobile contract. 

So, here are some of the main differences of a business vs personal phone contract: 

  • Because business phone contracts are tailored to be bought in bulk and distributed across a business, they are cheaper. 
  • Business phones qualify for tax relief. That means you can claim the cost for them in your annual tax return. 
  • With business phone contracts you get dedicated customer support and issues are dealt with much faster. 
  • You save on repair and maintenance. If a phone gets lost, stolen or breaks down, you can get it repaired or replaced quickly at no extra cost. 

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Features to look for in business mobile phone contracts

When you research and weigh in your options, there are some factors you should consider before picking up your business mobile provider. 

  • Make sure the usage and billing are designed around having a group of users. That way you can switch credit or usage between the users, rather than treating each phone and its plan separately. This means a good business mobile contract will end up being much more affordable than having to pay for several personal contracts. 
  • Make sure you get at least everything you would get from a personal mobile plan. Then, make sure you get a list of business add-ons to choose from. These should be flexible so you can opt in and out of business extras as your business demands require it. 
  • With some providers you get extra small business services outside the usual telephony services, such as HR or legal support. While these are optional, they can be of great use. 

Why use a telecoms reseller for business mobile phone contracts? 

Choosing to get a business mobile contract through a telecoms reseller may sound fancy and expensive. You might even think they need to take their cut as well, which means higher prices. 

In reality, things are completely different. Resellers are usually able to negotiate much lower prices than you could on your own – it’s what they do. And it’s in their best interest to get customers the best deals, because otherwise it would be quite difficult to get new customers. 

Telecoms resellers spend a lot of time studying offers and contracts from various providers. We know the tariffs and can find you the right deal from whichever provider suits your demands. It could take you weeks to research all the offers and you could still overlook the best mobile deal.  
There’s a series of advantages to get your business mobile contract through a telecoms reseller: 

  • We pay attention to your needs and work towards helping you fulfil your demands. 
  • We get you the best option and the best mix of devices, tariffs, and software to fit your business. 
  • We can configure your devices with your business profile and establish a roll-out plan. 
  • We get you an account manager, who will take care of any issues you may have throughout your contract. 

Furthermore, a telecoms resellers can tailor the services and solutions to suit your specific business needs. These are some the most common and useful services you can get: 

  1. Voice and data plans. Analysing your requirements and business type, we can offer customised business mobile phone packages. The packages can include handsets or can be business SIM only solutions. No matter what your needs are, we’ll help you find the right deal. 
  1. Mobile broadband. If your employees are on the move a lot, mobile broadband is perfect to give you access to the internet wherever you are. You can connect multiple devices and rest assured your data are protected. You’ll never need to use public unreliable Wi-Fi connections again. 
  1. Mobile hotspots. If you’re doing trade shows or exhibitions, a mobile hotspot is a great solution. They can even be used in moving vehicles. You can connect 10 devices more or less, depending on the solution and provider. 

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