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With cyber crime on the rise and new threats emerging daily, it’s important to protect your network and devices from attack. Phishing, web spoofing, ransomware and malware are just a few ways your business can be targeted.

We can advise on all the tools you need to protect your laptops, phones and tablets from spam, viruses and malware both in the workplace and on the road.

39% of businesses report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months



Total protection from McAfee, the world’s largest security company

Stay safe from malware and cyber-attacks. McAfee Multi Access protection will stop spam and phishing emails from reaching your inboxes. It alerts you to untrustworthy websites and Wi-Fi networks before you connect to them. It also scans everything you send, to ensure you don’t pass viruses on to your clients or suppliers.



Increase cyber resilience with Mimecast

Mimecast is award-winning email security software. It eliminates phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks and allows you to archive messages and maintain business continuity.

You can configure the settings to quarantine messages, set up your blocked and permitted lists, choose your secure messaging options and share large file attachments.


Increase mobility intelligence and control with MaaS360

MaaS360 is a proven and reliable software system to remotely manage and support mobile devices.

Configure and update devices remotely to make sure their antivirus software is always up to date. Protect data by wiping devices remotely if necessary, and easily keep your company data separate from employees’ personal data.

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Cyber threats cost you money

  • £8,460

    the average cost of a cyber security attack in 2021 across businesses of all sizes

  • £13,400

    the average cost of a cyber attack for medium to large businesses in 2021

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