The countdown is on

ISDN switch off

The copper based PSTN and ISDN network began shutting down in 2020 and will be complete by 2025

Making way for new technology

Be prepared

ISDN – or Integrated Service Digital Network – has been around since 1986.

Owned and implemented by BT in the late 80s and early 90s, it was the best and most up to date technology of it’s time, allowing internet and voice to run on digital lines simultaneously.

In 2017, BT notified the world that they were planning the phase out of ISDN to make room for newer technologies.

The ISDN and PSTN phase out has already begun

Out with the old

BT told us they’d no longer be taking new orders as of 2023 and would be switching off the network in 2025.

All traditional telephone systems run off this network, making this a pretty big deal in the telecoms world.

The reason the switch off is happening now, is to enable resources and development in other areas, such as hosted telephony.

In with the new

Hosted telephony – also known as Cloud Telephony or VOIP – is designed to give us the ability to make calls over data services, rather than traditional phone lines.

It routes calls over the internet, instead of using physical wires.

Hosted telephony is already widely adopted across the UK and relieves the need for copper wires, making it usually cheaper and easier to maintain.


  • 2017

    BT announces plans to phase out the network by 2025

  • 2020

    ‘stop sell’ begins across the UK, businesses can no longer order new services

  • 2023

    ‘stop sell’ continues, existing ISDN customers can no longer order new channels

  • 2025

    phase out is complete across the UK, the full network is switched off

What's the solution?

  • Is there a choice?

    Eventually, all businesses will have to adopt this technology, which is why we’re letting you know now.

    From 2023 no new orders will be taken for traditional systems and the support by BT will stop as of 2025.

  • What can you do?

    We’ll talk you through the steps, timing and process of switching from a traditional system and we’ll recommend a hosted solution to suit your business.

    We’ll even train your staff on how to use their new desk phones, mobiles and desktop apps too.

Why choose us?

  • One point of contact

    You’ll get to know your own dedicated account manager who will make sure you’re getting the most out of your services.
  • Advice from experts

    We study the way your business works to find out what you really need. We’ll match you with products that integrate well for a better service.

  • Always flexible

    We’re always excited about the newest products, so we make it easy for you to switch and change if your needs evolve.

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