Change of Shareholders at Municall New Communication Gmbh

Radius Payment Solutions Limited (Radius) one of the UK’s largest and most successful privately owned companies will acquire all the shares in Municall New Communication (Municall) on January 1st 2022.

Municall is one of the leading distributors of telecommunications products and services in the B2B segment and has more than 1000 sales partners throughout Germany.  With this acquisition Radius gains a strong foothold in the German market from which it plans to build a major telecoms business over the forthcoming years. Municall’s strengths include an extensive product portfolio of mobile telephony, fixed network, data, cloud PBX, security and IOT backed by an experienced professional team that give market leading customer services and reliability.

Radius is a global business and operates across 5 continents with its largest markets including UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. It has customers of all sizes with a particular strength in the SME segment and operates across 6 Divisions , Telecoms, Fuel Cards, Telematics, Insurance, Vehicle Leasing and EV Mobility.

Cross selling multiple products to its customers is a core part of the Radius strategy and Germany is one its most exciting and important markets for the future. Radius already has a base in Berlin with over 100 people from which it markets fuel cards and telematics and is looking forward to extending the product range into telecoms with this acquisition.

Radius plans to develop the indirect channel with new products and services as well as create a strong cross sell model to its thousands of fuel card customers and Municall provides the perfect base for this investment. The current management team of Robert Egartner, Dino Mehner and Dennis Munch will continue to run the business and serve on the board and help to drive the business for continued success.

Bill Holmes, CEO of Radius commented “The acquisition of Municall is a great opportunity for both Radius and the management team. We are really looking forward to working together to provide some great new products and services to our German customers.”

Robert Egartner, Managing Director of Municall commented “ The industry is facing challenges that entail major investments. In particular the convergence of IT and TC requires and intensive expansion of know-how, processes and technical systems investment. We are very pleased to have found a partner that operates an internationally successful concept that is ready to invest and stand behind Municall as it looks to the future. The management team is really happy with the new partner that has a clear plan and fits with the values and philosophy of the Municall company.”