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Superfast connections you can rely on, from basic broadband to complex, multisite connectivity, we have a solution to suit.

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Connectivity you can count on

Having fast, reliable connectivity is a priority for any business.

We keep you connected in the office, at home, on the road and across multiple sites, with a superfast solution for every setup.

Our experts match you with a product and price point in line with your business goals – whether you’re happy with basic broadband or need a dedicated speed that will take you to the next level.

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Business broadband

When it comes to business broadband it’s important to get it right.

We work with the best suppliers to give you the fastest speeds possible, taking your business from basic to brilliant.

Leased Lines

Dedicated connectivity can truly transform a business.

Leased lines are the fastest, most reliable solutions available, giving you direct connection straight to your premises.


SoGEA is a transformative business broadband solution as it removes the need for a traditional line to be used in delivery.

This means you’re saving on line rental and getting the same quality of service, creating better value for your business.

Mobile broadband

Working on the go is now the new normal and you can’t always rely on your location for a reliable internet connection.

Mobile broadband devices give you the freedom to carry your connection with you wherever you are.

Talk to us about the ISDN switch off

The legacy telephone network will be switched off by 2025

Why choose us?

  • One point of contact

    You’ll get to know your own dedicated account manager who will make sure you’re getting the most out of your services.
  • Advice from experts

    We study the way your business works to find out what you really need. We’ll match you with products that integrate well for a better service.

  • Always flexible

    We’re always excited about the newest products, so we make it easy for you to switch and change if your needs evolve.

What our customers say

The whole set up was very easy…
“Having done my research and finding that Radius were very competitive and that my initial experience with dealing with them was very good, I decided to order my office telephones, mobiles and broadband services from them. The whole set up was very easy, all equipment was ordered and delivered on time, and an engineer was organised to come and install the required lines”
Kurt Gunthardt Right at Home
Our new infrastructure is robust and reliable…
“Our new wireless network performs exactly as the guys at Radius Connect said it would. Our laptops and tablets can all log on to our network simultaneously so no more teaching in small groups of connected children whilst others were waiting for a connection. Also, the dreaded “grey screen” we used to suffer with is now a thing of the past as we now have zero drop outs.”
Jonathan Norris Rainow Primary School

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