Remote and hybrid working

Remote working solutions

Get more from your people by giving them the ability to work from anywhere

86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress

A flexible future

Over the last few years we’ve seen businesses take the long overdue leap into the digital world, hanging up their office keys and adjusting their webcams as they joined the homeworking movement.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have adapted quickly and efficiently, moving to secure, intuitive communications systems enabling them to work from anywhere.

85% of remote workers want a hybrid approach

Studies show that remote employees now prefer a split of home and office working

Remote working revolution

Empowering your teams to work from anywhere makes them more productive, more collaborative and less restricted to their environment.

Unified communications solutions integrate your phone system, video conferencing, instant messaging, screen presenting and file sharing into one seamless platform, giving your people the power to work more efficiently at all times.

Why should you offer remote working?

  • 77%

    of remote workers say they are more productive when working from home

  • 3X

    as many online job adverts include the term ‘homeworking’ compared to 2020

  • 75%

    of people work remotely because there are fewer distractions

How can you offer remote working?

  • Hosted voice

    Enabling your employees to use your business phone system anywhere, on any device.

  • Mobile broadband

    Giving access to wi-fi on the go, mobile broadband offers a portable connection for remote workers, wherever they are.

  • Conferencing

    Choose from standalone video conferencing apps, or phone system integration to get your teams talking virtually.

  • IT security

    Secure VPNs, device management and anti-virus are just a few ways to keep security at a maximum in remote roles.

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