Radius Connect Solutions quality management policy

Radius Connect have the highest of business attributes in our sector of telecommunications and are committed to providing quality solutions to our potential clients and customers.

To support our business drive, Radius Connect has elected to use the Quality Management Standard (QMS) ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure:

Management is committed to the operation and maintenance of the QMS to support its key strategic goals of having a competitive edge, legal and regulatory compliance, and commercial reputation.  To achieve this, management will ensure that the ethos of the Quality Policy is communicated to all personnel, alongside:

Only by being continually aware of trends within the business can our policy of achieving continual improvement be achieved and all employees and suppliers to the company are expected to contribute to this goal.

This Policy applies to all members of staff who are involved in Radius Connect processing activities.  Consequences of not adhering to this policy could affect key business deliverables and service provisions.  Staff are invited to raise any non-conformances at the earliest opportunity to ensure corrective action is taken. 

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by management to ensure that it is up to date and consistent with the businesses objectives and strategy.  

Policy last reviewed 10/02/2024, version 6.

Radius Connect Management