Disaster recovery

Preparing for disaster – burst pipes, natural disasters and even global pandemics

Backup solutions for your vital operations

Always be prepared

Your disaster recovery strategy is imperative to business continuity should the worst happen. What would happen to your business if you lost all data and applications?

Control the outcome of unexpected issues such as natural disasters, cyber crimes and hardware failures, with a robust disaster recovery plan.

40 to 60% of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster

Futureproof from day one

It’s important to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place as soon as possible – having a back up solution become an afterthought can threaten the continuity and success of any business.

We can help with solutions that will keep your business moving in unexpected circumstances, both short and long term.

Why do you need a Disaster Recovery plan?

  • 52%

    of small businesses say it would take at least three months to recover from a disaster

  • 90%

    of smaller companies fail within a year unless they can resume operations within 5 days after a disaster

What makes us different?

  • Award winning and accredited

    We’re recognised regionally and nationally for our customer service and the work that we do.

  • Tailored solutions

    We don’t believe one size fits all. We listen to your needs and growth plans and tailor our solutions to suit you.

  • 99.3% positive feedback

    We deliver first-class customer service and support. We use customer feedback to continuously improve.

  • Fully managed implementations

    Our managed services and implementations from our UK based engineers give you an easy transition to a new system.

  • Industry leading SLAs

    In 2019 we resolved 96.4 % of our service tickets in under 2 hours. We give every customer a dedicated Account Manager and named support contacts.

  • Ample product portfolio

    We provide telecoms and IT solutions under one roof.  This saves you the time of dealing with multiple providers.

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