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In today’s business environment, your connectivity is critical, from communications, cloud storage, to web services. Selecting the best, resilient connectivity solutions, from the right vendors is key to your wider business strategy. Our strong relationships with the UK’s leading Tier 1 carriers enable us to build bespoke, carrier agnostic solutions while brokering favourable commercial terms for your business.

Bespoke solutions

Independent advice

Every business has unique connectivity needs that should be geared to their overall strategy. Starting with a comprehensive, no-obligation audit of your existing business connectivity, our knowledgeable experts always aim to build a bespoke proposition that will align with your business goals.

Industry expertise

Experienced consultants

Our sales and service teams are made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, renowned for delivering and supporting critical connectivity infrastructure. Our experienced consultants will work at a strategic level across procurement, IT, accounts payable and Board, ensuring we deliver value across your business.

Project management

End to end support

Radius Connect believes that careful, accurate planning is the cornerstone of a successful deployment. We will manage every element of your project, from planning to installation, to ensure timely delivery and implementation of services. Our team of national engineers are on hand throughout the entire process.

Diverse portfolio

Extensive product range

From internet leased lines to international private networks and MPLS routing, you can enjoy full carrier diversity via our integration with multiple Tier 1 carriers. All solutions are available internationally, offered as a managed or unmanaged ‘wires only’ service, with high availability and low latency.

Resilience as standard

Resilient and scalable

Radius Connect uses the same approach to build scalable, resilient solutions for all our clients – from start-ups to multi-nationals – operating across a wide range of sectors. With Radius Connect, you will benefit from proactive 24/7 network monitoring and disaster recovery support to ensure the maximum possible uptime.

Account management

Award-winning support

You will receive first line support for all your products and services from our UK based office, with experienced, named Account Managers on hand at all stages of your service lifecycle, including 24/7 Freephone support and offices staffed 7 days a week.

Single point of contact

Multiple carriers, single supplier

Access a powerful blend of carriers and products, tailored to your business needs. Managed by one Master Services Agreement, a single monthly invoice, all supported by one point of contact helping to simplifying your technology world.

Our products


MPLS is a scalable routing method to help efficiency of data transfer in a multi-site business environment on a global scale, for time sensitive applications that require guaranteed delivery. Our experts can explain how MPLS can help you improve performance, bandwidth utilisation, and user experience in a scalable and secure infrastructure.

Private networks

Extend your LAN across multiple sites without compromising performance or security with our private network solutions. We can work with multiple Tier 1 carrier partners to deliver uncontended, high availability and secure private networks to two or more sites as either Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point (Hub & Spoke) infrastructure.


Wireless Internet offers London based companies a viable alternative to fibre services, either as a standalone solution or in tandem with existing connectivity for business continuity. The solution features high speeds of up to 5Gbps, with lower latency than fibre and offering military grade AES encryption for the utmost security.


Connectivity is available across the bandwidth range, starting from as little as 1Mbps for voice circuits, up to over 100Gbps – all offering high availability and low latency.


Latest news and insights

5G mobile networks promise to revolutionise the world, with stable internet connections and download speeds 10 to 20 times faster. Imagine having a 3-hour video conference with super high video quality with an associate. 5G will give you access to such connections, a move that will expand opportunities for many businesses. There are, however, a select number of companies that will benefit significantly from 5G improvements.

The BT announcement that ISDN would be switched off by 2025 did not come as a complete shock for those who have been paying attention to the trends in tech and technological improvement. For many businesses, the focus now remains on how to improve the business going forward to make it ready for the new world order.

With so much technical and confusing messaging around the latest IT services and how Cloud can save you money and keep you secure, it’s hardly surprising many businesses are reluctant to make big decisions around areas of their business they do not fully understand.

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