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As a larger business with more complex requirements, you need an independent service provider who can offer a multi-network solution under one contract with a single invoice. Sophisticated tariff analysis, contract advice, bespoke commercials, online management tools – we know these are fundamental to managing your mobile estate, so they come as standard with our solutions.

Freed from costly contracts

Legal expertise

Your access to our team of experts starts before you even join Radius Connect. Your airtime agreement is a fundamental component of your contractual cost. It is often the vessel through which suppliers covertly inject additional charges to leverage discounts offered on airtime. Our in-house legal counsel are experts at dissecting contracts and are on-hand to audit existing agreements from your incumbent supplier, providing an objective overview of any areas of concern.

Transparent commercials

Bespoke proposal

Our commercial team undertake a forensic analysis of your usage profile and create your bespoke proposal. With sophisticated tools to measure and report on every aspect of your usage, we accurately model the savings and service benefits of the solutions we recommend. You will be presented with a commercial proposal based on your global usage profile. It will comprehensively detail your tariff, contractual arrangements and will be carefully aligned to your business objectives. Our experienced consultants will work at a strategic level across procurement, IT, accounts payable and Board, ensuring we deliver value across your business.

Future proof roadmap

Solution strategy

The approach we take ensures that every element of your mobile telephony solution is considered, from most appropriate network through to indoor mobile coverage and memorable numbers. We can also undertake a comprehensive audit of your current mobile device estate; working with you to ensure your technology roadmap, from Enterprise Mobility Management through to Mobile Threat Defence, meets your requirements.

Access to multiple networks

Independence as standard

As an independent service provider, Vodafone, O2 and EE all provide us with access to market-leading commercials. Combined with our portfolio of industry-leading suppliers, our team will create you a multi-network solution for your mobile estate.

Single vendor relationship

One touch

The proliferation of suppliers within the telecommunications arena can make the operational management of your estate complex. We can provide a single Master Services Agreement billed on one monthly invoice – helping to simplify your procurement and accounts payable processes.

24/7 support

Unlimited access

We know that business is “always on”, whether you have a global presence or provide mission critical services to others, our award-winning team are available 24/7 to support you. You will have uncapped access to our technical teams who are fully accredited across: Blackberry, Cisco, Microsoft, Cyber Essentials, Apple and Google.
This is all backed up and managed by our strategic account team and underpinned by our award-winning customer support team.

Usage and cost control

Proactive online tools

We help you maintain visibility and control of your telecommunications usage and costs with an advanced suite of proprietary online and app-based solutions. We provide meaningful information and intelligence that you can act on from anywhere, further mitigating the risk from bill shock.

Latest news and insights

5G mobile networks promise to revolutionise the world, with stable internet connections and download speeds 10 to 20 times faster. Imagine having a 3-hour video conference with super high video quality with an associate. 5G will give you access to such connections, a move that will expand opportunities for many businesses. There are, however, a select number of companies that will benefit significantly from 5G improvements.

The BT announcement that ISDN would be switched off by 2025 did not come as a complete shock for those who have been paying attention to the trends in tech and technological improvement. For many businesses, the focus now remains on how to improve the business going forward to make it ready for the new world order.

With so much technical and confusing messaging around the latest IT services and how Cloud can save you money and keep you secure, it’s hardly surprising many businesses are reluctant to make big decisions around areas of their business they do not fully understand.

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