Hales Group

Carer Fuel Card

Exclusive Hales Group employee fuel card, only through Radius Connect

Partnership with UK Fuels

For over 30 years Radius has been supporting over 100,000 businesses throughout the UK, with offices in Crewe, Chiswick, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Shoreditch and Shrewsbury. UK Fuels, one of the largest fuel card suppliers in the UK, and the telecoms company, Radius Connect, are subsidiaries of Radius Payment Solutions, providing you the best offers through key strategic partnerships.


Radius Connect and UK Fuels are proud to work in partnership with Hales Care, one of the UK’s leading care service providers of more than 20 years.

Fuel cards for UK Fuels, Shell, Esso, BP, and Texaco are now available for all Hales Care employees.

  • Up to 4p per litre off diesel at the pump

    Enjoy 4p per litre off the pump price of standard diesel at thousands of fuel stations across the UK.

  • Pay for all your fuel every two weeks

    Our industry-leading online management system, Radius Velocity, gives users complete control over their invoices.

  • Access over 3,600 fuel stations in the UK

    Download our app E-route. Drivers can utilise this app to ensure they can locate available sites

Interested in the exclusive Hales Group employee fuel card? Get it now!