Making good telecoms choices

Is it best dealing with several specialists who have a varied area of expertise or just one who can offer the full package?

It can be a difficult decision to make when running your business and looking for partners to help you deliver the service you want for your company and customers. There is a train of thought that suggests shopping around will provide the best in each particular field and that this competition will result in a more cost-effective and attractive deal with a view to looking after company finances. On the other hand, there are many advantages to choosing the single option and nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications.

Telecoms services are vital to the success of business, yet many companies lack the confidence to take decisions in this area.

Ofcom – the industry regulator – says: “Telecommunications services are an essential part of every business, with 83% of small and medium enterprises agreeing that they would not be able to achieve their goals without them.” This is an incredibly high figure, but it is interesting to note that 34% of businesses say they do not have the confidence to identify services and products in helping them achieve these objectives. It’s really important to make the right choices in the interests of your business when it comes to choosing providers. This applies if you feel the need to change the way you operate and shop around for a better deal or if you are starting up and want to ensure the best start for your business, creating the ideal foundations on which to build.

So, why is your company better off working with one telecommunications provider?

Cost is a major factor in any business transaction and if one company is providing all your needs you are going to be ideally placed to negotiate better deals at lower rates in your partnership. It makes sense that overheads in dealing with one firm rather than multiple firms are going to be less and this competitive financial arrangement should mean more of your money is going where it is needed most – on services and systems rather than inflated costs.

Choosing more than one provider for your various services also means you may experience issues over compatibility with software and systems. Different providers could well have a different way of operating from each other and this can lead to problems. One provider with the expertise to manage all your systems and needs means a seamless service. It also helps to have only one major partner when it comes to troubleshooting and resolving any problems. It is important to have trust in your provider and if you have just one there is great comfort and confidence in the fact they know your systems inside out – meaning you can be assured in the best service for your business needs at all times. It’s also convenient to be dealing with the same person who you have dealt with on a regular basis and with whom you have developed an excellent working relationship. Being in the position of choosing one provider over several is of course dependent on that sole partner being up to the task of taking care of all your needs.

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