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Frontier is now part of Radius Connect

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Frontier Group now forms part of the Radius Connect Solutions brand, meaning we’re now integrated into a bigger company, with more resource than ever before.

The Care Planner partnership remains unchanged, with Dave Johnstone still looking after any queries you may have. Your incentives, tariffs and sales contacts also remain the same.

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For queries, contact Strategic Partner Manager, Dave Johnstone

e: dave.johnstone@radiusconnectsolutions.com

m: 07884 012 717


  1. 1
    Broadband and Wi-Fi in Residential Care Homes
  2. 2
    Device Management Software when customers use personal devices
  3. 3
    Telephone systems in offices or care homes
  4. 4
    Remote working solutions
  5. 5
    Moving IT and telephony to the cloud
  6. 6
    Personal Wi-Fi Zones for residents

Welcome to your new lead portal!

Radius Connect continues to provide Care Planner customers with added value, when they take Radius Connect mobiles and SIMs in line with Care Planner software. Our customer support teams are specialists in supporting care applications and our relationship with Care Planner means we can offer discounted rate across our product portfolio.


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