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Frontier Group now forms part of the Radius Connect Solutions brand, meaning we’re now integrated into a bigger company, with more resource than ever before. The TruStack and Radius Connect partnership is now formalised, meaning more rewards and incentives for you, and better solutions for your customers.

Ask your customers…

Radius Connect can now offer TruStack customers mobiles and device management, paired with outstanding customer support and local engineers.  We have 10 offices across the UK and Ireland, offering a range of networks and benefits to suit businesses of all sizes

  1. 1
    Choice of networks
  2. 2
    Device management & security
  3. 3
    Latest handsets and tablets
  4. 4
    Exclusive partner pricing

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You can use the form below to submit your customer’s details, but please make sure you have their permission first. You’ll get a call from the Radius Connect sales specialist before they speak to your customer.

Partner queries: Dave Johnstone

(david.johnstone@radiusconnectsolutions.com , 07884 012 717)

Sales queries: Keith Boylan

(keith.boylan@radiusconnectsolutions.com, 07551 155 053)


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