The top 5 Hosted Telephony benefits

The top 5 Hosted Telephony benefits

As the day of the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) switch off approaches, you will hear terms like hosted telephony, hosted voice or VoIP more often.

You have probably considered by now migrating to the cloud but are not yet sure enough how a hosted phone system works for business. That’s exactly what we’re going to explain in this article: the main hosted phone system benefits for businesses.

Why consider cloud-based VoIP as soon as possible

Let’s start by explaining why you need a top-grade business phone system sooner rather than later.

The ISDN switch off is imminent and it’s going to affect many businesses unless they secure their telecommunications beforehand. We live in a world where communication is key, so a reliable phone system is more than necessary.

So, think ahead and plan for the change. Let the transition be as seamless as possible for you, not a real headache.

We’re here to support you with expert advice and professional solutions so your business doesn’t experience any interruptions during the transition. Get in touch and take advantage of professional support.

Top five hosted phone system benefits

Understanding the benefits of hosted phone systems can help you futureproof your business communications and sound highly professional to your clients and customers.

Businesses switching to VoIP can take advantage of a wide array of benefits, from cost efficiency to improved scalability.

1. Massive cost and time savings

A modern hosted voice solution means you don’t need to invest into sophisticated, expensive hardware. Your entire business phone system is hosted and managed in the cloud. You pay for the services you choose and you can use hosted telephony on your laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Then, you have lower costs per call. You can save up to 70% because hosted telephony is not limited to any geographical location. With calls from one branch to another appearing to be internal calls, your entire organisation, wherever it may be in the world, may consolidate its communication infrastructure into a single system. There are many call plans that offer unlimited calls to mobile numbers, which will cause the average cost per call to drop significantly.

You’ll also experience great time savings with VoIP. There’s no need to wait around for a technician to install new lines when you need to expand your office. It can all be done quickly at the touch of a button. Add one or 20 new phone lines in a few minutes with just a click.

2. Flexibility and mobility as benefits of a hosted phone system

Hosted voice means you can connect from anywhere in the world using your laptop, mobile phone or tablet with software for VoIP. With WFH (work from home) becoming a norm nowadays, this is a remote working solution that can be especially handy.

Your employees can work from anywhere in the world using the same office number, so your customers will get the office call feeling.

Built-in mobility is one of the key benefits of hosted phone systems. Using mobile applications, you can communicate from any device using your business phone number. It truly facilitates your business communications and saves costs. As long as you have access to the cloud, you can communicate with customers and colleagues from anywhere using any mobile device.

3. Advanced features are best for hosted phone system benefits

Hosted telephony solutions come packed with features. Even if you only get the standard features you probably won’t feel like you’re lacking anything. If you want top-level experience, there are tons of features you can choose from:

  • Advanced call management with call forwarding, call routing, call park, call transfer, call screening, on hold calls, call notify, call analytics and more
  • Instant messaging with text messaging or chat messaging
  • Mobile app
  • Softphone
  • Online fax
  • Voice calls with options like voicemail (even voicemail to email), voicemail forwarding, hosted call recording
  • Auto-attendant
  • Call log reports
  • Team collaboration tools

Partnering with the right VoIP provider can unlock nearly unlimited advanced features. Contact us to enquire about hosted voice solutions and one of our experts will help you futureproof your business communications.

4. CRM integration for increased productivity

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM integration combines the power of VoIP with CRM software. It means connecting your customer relationship management software to the VoIP service.

CRM integration increases productivity as you no longer have to enter data manually into different systems. It makes it easier to organize information about each client so you can easily access it whenever and wherever you need it. When you use VoIP for your business communications, integrating it with your CRM system will help keep everything together in one place.

5. Benefits of a hosted phone system: reliability and security

While we left this for the last of our top 5 hosted telephony benefits, it doesn’t mean it’s less important than other benefits we’ve mentioned.

Hosted voice systems are generally very secure. The service provider is responsible for the security of your VoIP system and they’re relentlessly working on improving the security of their services. The service provider and their dedicated team of security specialists will take care of all the software upgrades, firewall and security patches.

A reliable service provider can include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • An online portal
  • Guaranteed quality of services
  • Service level agreements
  • Positive customer referrals and reviews
  • Proof of industry-related awards

At Radius Connect, you can count on us for being that reliable service provider. You can get an immediate business phone system quote to find the best package to suit your business needs.

Futureproof your business telecommunications

Are you ready to take advantage of the great benefits of hosted phone systems and subscribe to an industry-leading system? That’s where we come in. You can book a call with one of our experts today so we can help you understand precisely how to use the technology to power your business forward.

Or contact us using your preferred method and we’ll set you up with an industry-leading VoIP solution.