The Time for Cloud Telephony Systems is Now

Is it time to move your on-premises business phone system to the cloud?

Most organisations may still be used to having their PBX and UC technology on-premises. But the future of business communications will soon move completely to the cloud. In December 2025 all copper lines in the UK will be retired. It’s called the great ISDN switch off and it will affect many businesses unless they make the move to VoIP and cloud-based services before that.

So, is it time to move your on-premises business phone system to the cloud? We’d say it’s high time indeed.

We’ll continue this article by explaining why it’s time you moved to cloud telephone systems and what are the options to replace traditional telephone lines.

The new way to do business telecoms

On-premises UC technology is expensive, uses a lot of costly equipment and it’s difficult to scale and upgrade. It also makes it quite hard to support hybrid work or fully remote working – which are very popular options nowadays. Also, on-premises UC technology will soon be obsolete.

It’s vital organisations understand there’s a new way around the block for business communications and that way is called cloud-based telephone systems. There are many benefits of moving to the cloud:

  • Access your information on any device with an internet connection
  • Teamwork made easy even when team members are not in the same location
  • Add users hassle-free at the click of a button
  • Save time, save money and keep in touch from wherever you are in the world

Make sure you move forward with VoIP and secure your business phone system before the much-feared switch off.

Let’s talk cloud telephone system options

So, on-premises UC technology comes with a deadline. VoIP and cloud telephone systems are the answer to a smooth transition for your business phone system.

But the question remains, what will replace traditional phone lines that use copper wire for voice communications? Well, the good news is we have not one, but two powerful solutions for moving forward. These are fibre to the premise (FTTP) and single order ethernet access (SOGEA). Find out which connectivity solution is better for your business.

Understanding FTTP

FTTP, or fibre to the premises, takes pure fibre optic cables from the exchange directly to your business premises. It doesn’t use copper lines or green cabinets, which means you won’t be sharing any connection with other businesses.

Because it takes copper cables out of the equation, fibre optic cables can transfer data at the speed of light. In fact, FTTP can be up to 25 times faster than its predecessor, FTTC (fibre to the cabinet).

Consider choosing FTTP to future proof your business broadband if you:

  • Want a fast, dedicated internet connection
  • FTTC is not a reliable option in your area
  • Want to future proof your business communications with a cloud-based telephone system

FTTP is a flexible and scalable solution that can be easily combined with other connectivity features. Here we can name a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to support remote working employees and a hosted voice system to replace traditional office phones.

Often described as the future of broadband, FTTP is expected to grow a lot over the next few years with the aim to implement it nationwide.

What is SOGEA?

SOGEA (single order generic ethernet access) broadband is a standalone fibre broadband without a phone line attached. That makes it easy to use with cloud telephone systems. In short, SOGEA provides you with everything you need under one singular connection.

It provides the same speed as FTTC, it doesn’t involve a line rental charge and it’s highly reliable. With one order you get a cloud-based telephone system and broadband using the same VoIP provider.

Consider getting SOGEA for its many benefits. These are the top four reasons to choose SOGEA:

  1. Access a widely available covering 95% of premises in the UK
  2. Get a stable connection and renders high quality calls over the cloud telephone systems
  3. Choose a cost effective solution and future-proofs your business
  4. Quick installation. SOGEA is quick and easy to install which means you’ll be up and running without much delay

SOGEA is also an affordable solution if you’re on a budget. It tends to be cheaper than fibre internet because it doesn’t include a phone line, so you don’t have to pay for the phone connection in addition to your internet bill.

Are you ready to make the switch to cloud telephone systems?

It’s time you considered moving away from the old and embracing the new. You’ll want to ensure a smooth transition to your business phone system, so don’t wait too long and don’t let the ISDN switch off deadline force you into a move.

Contact us and get started today with cutting-edge broadband and cloud-based telephone systems and in a few simple steps. Our team of experts will be happy to help.