Top 3 security benefits of EMM – protecting your company data with EMM

Top 3 security benefits of EMM – protecting your company data with EMM

In this information age, when enterprises go through digital transformation to enhance their business, improve their employees work experience and better serve their customers, enterprise mobility management is a definite must-have. 

The EMM market is continuously evolving to offer top-notch and specific mobile device management (MDM) and application management. The benefits of enterprise mobility management for cyber security are undeniable and recognised by more and more enterprises as they transition to digital. 

What is EMM?

EMM stands for enterprise mobility management and is a complete set of services and technologies to ensure cyber security and data security on employee’s mobile devices. 

A good EMM solution simplifies mobile device management – or MDM, as it’s better known. It helps initiate requests, use apps and distribute documents, and enables better collaboration. It allows easy and secure access to intranet sites for employees who work remotely. 

Enterprise mobility management combines features and technologies focused on specific aspects of mobile device management: 

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) to securely manage all mobile devices employees use for work such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Read more about the benefits of MDM
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) refers to deploying, monitoring, and patching enterprise mobile apps that employees use for work. 
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM) allows employees to access enterprise data on their devices, to securely share and store work files on their mobile devices. 
  • Mobile Identity Management (MIM) concerns authentication and sign-on, ensuring that authorized users and trusted devices only can access corporate resources. 
  • Mobile Expense Management (MEM) provides insights into device and service use to help with cost control and mobile communications expenses in general. 

Top 3 security benefits of EMM

EMM is an important tool to support your organisation’s mobile device management and to streamline employee workflows. Its benefits are countless, but in this article we’re going to talk about the three best ones for security. 

Increased security and compliance

Cyber security and data security are major concerns for any enterprise. Hence, the ability to secure enterprise data is perhaps the most important benefit of EMM. 

Remotely, from a single platform, you can control access and you can easily secure both corporate and employee-owned mobile devices. It’s also simple to remove malware and to force system updates in order to resolve any security vulnerability. 

A good EMM platform gives you flexibility to work from anywhere. With remote work widely accepted, this is an important benefit. Employees get secure access to company data, files and apps no matter where they work from. 

Plus, you can keep separate personal and work data, ensuring the regulatory data compliance of all business mobile devices. 

Streamline IT admin workloads with EMM 

While your IT department could do all these things separately, EMM ensures increased efficiency and productivity. With a streamlined operations management, your IT team will save time and valuable resources. 

Using EMM, users can do certain tasks themselves, which allows the IT team to focus on more complex cyber security and data security issues. 

Enterprise mobility management also simplifies configuration and deployment, allowing the IT department to easily deploy software patches, updates, and upgrades to all connected devices. 

It also makes it easy to monitor mobile device behaviour. This can allow your IT department to quickly determine if a device is compromised. Moreover, your team can easily limit the access of certain endpoints connecting to your IT environment. 

Mitigate and prevent enterprise data loss

Data loss prevention is crucial for any organisation. But it can happen and EMM can help with data loss mitigation. 

Imagine having business mobile devices lost or stolen. Cyber criminals could use them as access points into your enterprise network, could exploit saved login information to enter your system and obtain sensitive data. 

You can prevent all this with enterprise mobility management. Use EMM to wipe a stolen or lost mobile device of its data to ensure hackers can’t take advantage of it. 

On top of that, with EMM you can locate lost mobile devices using device locator services. 

Ready to deploy EMM?

Secure your business mobile devices, protect your data and allow flexibility for your employees with one simple, complete solution. 

Radius Connect can help you take advantage of the powerful security benefits EMM offers.  

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