What Is an eSIM?

What Is an eSIM?

What is a Business eSIM? Check out the Benefits of an eSIM 

Most of the latest phone models on the market will have an eSIM embedded.  

The eSIM is considered to be the future for smartphones and devices. It’s also a new, revolutionary business mobile solution you should know about.  

In this article, we explain how a business eSIM works and what its advantages are. We’re also here to help you unlock the benefits of an eSIM for business

What is a business eSIM? 

eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module and is a programmable SIM, much like a tiny chip, connected to your phone’s motherboard. Similar to an actual SIM only, it connects to the mobile network, but it cannot be physically removed or replaced. 

The eSIM profile is loaded onto your device through an internet connection. But it contains the same information previously stored on a physical SIM. 

How does a business eSIM work? 

An eSIM for business is the electronic equivalent of the regular business SIM only. The eSIM is embedded into your phone. It cannot be removed like you would remove a SIM only. But it can be programmed to adapt to the services of different providers. So,  to make calls, send texts and connect to the network, you have to activate the eSIM. 

It’s simple to set up an eSIM for most devices. You just scan the QR code that registers your eSIM profile with your mobile network. Some networks may require you to enter a code. Either way, it only takes a few minutes and you’re all set up. 

If you have an iPhone, things are a tiny bit different. You need to go to Settings > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan on your device. From there you can scan your QR code. 

Because it’s a fairly new business mobile solution, not all handsets work with eSIMs. But if you’ve got one of the latest models, you already have an eSIM installed by default, even if you don’t know about it. eSIMs can also work with certain tablets and smartwatches.  

So, if you’re looking to add an eSIM to your business SIM solution, we can help you choose the best eSIM provider to use with your phone. Or the best handsets with eSIM for business. 

Contact us and we’ll sort your eSIM business out! 

Why should you use a business eSIM? 

The eSIM technology is new but it’s considered to be a future-proofing one for businesses. As with all new technologies it has benefits and drawbacks, but it’s set to evolve and improve. 

This is why you should consider a business mobile contract with an eSIM: 

  • You can have multiple phone numbers with a business eSIM on a single SIM phone. For example, you can have your personal number on your SIM only card and your business number on your eSIM. You can even choose which plan you use for data, calls and messages. 
  • It’s easy to reprogram an eSIM. If you’re looking to change providers, all you need is a QR code or the provider’s mobile app that automatically reprograms the eSIM. 
  • It’s an ideal choice if your employees travel a lot. A business eSIM is the easiest way for your employees to communicate and keep in touch from anywhere in the world. 
  • eSIMs are environmentally friendly. Did you know that manufacturing SIM cards (and all their packaging) generates a lot of plastic waste and carbon dioxide? Since eSIMs are embedded into your phone’s motherboard, there’s no more waste. 

There are a couple of drawbacks to using an eSIM, but the technology is quickly advancing. The main cons are: 

  • You need an unlocked phone if you want to switch between carriers and get a lot of flexibility. 
  • If your phone gets damaged or broken beyond repair, the eSIM cannot just be taken out and put into another device. You’ll have to reinstall the eSIM as you did the first time. 

Let’s get you a business eSIM

An eSIM is a good way to save money on communications and network costs and easily switch plans on unlocked, carrier-neutral phones. 

It would make a nice addition to a business’ mobile solution, enabling employees to use both their personal and business numbers without the need to carry around two mobile phones. 

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