Why there is more to 5G than speed

5G is transforming the world as we know it, and as 5G gets rolled out across more of the UK, thoughts have turned to the speed in which we will be able to use our mobile devices.

Whether you’ll use 5G for downloading large files on the move or downloading and streaming HD movies to your mobile – there’s a lot more to 5G than speed alone. 

Its potential can be used to help businesses of all shapes and sizes across all sorts of industries, and the use cases for this new generation network are only just being realised.

So, aside from the headlines about it being much faster than previous generations, what other benefits could 5G bring to businesses?

Remote Working

Imagine having access to a high-quality WiFi network, wherever you happen to be. Whether you’re walking through town or on the train to work, 5G will give you just that. It’s extremely low latency (or load time delay) will result in a noticeable difference when it comes to the quality of video calls, which are now an everyday part of working life for many of us.

The benefits of 5G will also improve the customer experience in areas such as financial services, where easy digital banking could be more widely available, more personalised and more secure thanks to the power of this technology.

Customer Experience

The potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is also likely to be realised with the arrival and roll out of 5G – and that could have a significant impact in industries where AR and VR tools and applications are capable of making a difference.

For example, sectors such as retail and hospitality could see customer experiences transformed to become more personal and more connected. And 5G-enabled AR is also likely to make a difference for manufacturing, where it may enhance automation in a way that’s not previously been possible.

Knowledge and Reassurance

Another key benefit from 5G is its reliability, which makes it a reassuring fit for technological advancements in areas where health and safety are primary concerns.

In healthcare, the possibilities are numerous. For example, real-time, remote monitoring of patient health should be possible through wearable devices and the network speed and reliability that can really make the most of them.

And self-driving cars on our roads are likely to become closer to reality the more 5G is rolled out and developed.

Enhanced Communication

It’s also important to note that the benefits of increased connectivity, reliability and speed have a trickle-down effect. So, just as 5G is replacing 4G as the network standard to aspire to, 4G is bringing new possibilities to more rural areas. In both cases, people can do more, with more connectivity.

That said, whilst we’re already underway in terms of its rollout, its full benefits will only become apparent over time. What can be said for definite however, is its opportunities are endless. And businesses of all sizes, across a range of sectors, will be tapping into that potential in years to come.

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