Why Your Business Needs Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net is a unified communications system which we think could help your business enormously in 2020.

At Radius Connect, we like to understand the challenges our clients face and provide communications solutions to help their business to operate more efficiently and continue to succeed.

If your business shares these objectives, we believe that you should look closer at Vodafone’s One Net to see how you could take advantage of the innovative technologies on offer.

Technology continually advances and telecoms companies are endlessly searching for ways to increase speeds and connectivity across their network.  When this happens, your business productivity can continue to advance with it.

As you consider how to move forward with unified communications in 2020, it is paramount that you take advantage of these new technologies and what they could bring to your business.

Maintaining The Legacy: Is It Worth It?

A legacy telephone system for business landlines and mobile phones is considered by many experts to be outdated and limited in its capabilities – it can also be more costly.

In a world where the modern economy requires flexibility, high speeds and better connectivity, the reality is that maintaining a legacy telephone system could be holding your business back.

By choosing Vodafone One Net, you could solve multiple issues that your business is facing, including:

  • Connecting customers with the right person in your company
  • Phone lines limiting the demands of a growing client base
  • Customers giving up and calling competitors due to your slow response
  • Poor levels of Customer Satisfaction
  • Losing out on significant new business opportunities
  • Damage to your company’s reputation

If your business is suffering from issues such as these owing to a legacy telephone system, can you allow it to continue in this, the modern age of fibre? This is especially true when recent research has stated that a lost business call could be costing your company up to £1,200!

One Net & Your Business

Vodafone One Net could revolutionise the way your business interacts with customers and clients across the UK and the world.

By bringing existing telephone lines and mobile network together, One Net can create one simple, manageable telecom solution which can all be tailored to suit your business needs.

When a customer calls your office, it is not always possible to pick up the phone, or alternatively, you may be out-of-the-office at meetings.  In situations such as these, One Net can be set up to transfer a call to your mobile; to a colleague; or to an answering service.  These transfers can be done automatically, or alternatively, you may decide to provide a simple numbered menu for callers to choose from.

One Net is a flexible system which matches your business requirements and offers you the choice and flexibility like never before.  Using web-based technology, you will be in the driving seat and can configure your vital customer communications to suit you.

“It’s safe to say, with Vodafone One Net, the power is in your hands!”

The Additional Benefits Of Vodafone One Net

As a business owner, you probably have multiple utility and service providers and receive a separate invoice from each.

This can be a real administrative pain, however, with Vodafone One Net this is not the case. With One Net you have access to one bill, one network and one point of contact keeping a limit on the amount of paperwork you receive – never mind a reduction in stress levels!

The maintenance of a legacy network can also be incredibly costly. The fact that such systems rely on expensive parts and specialist engineers to repair and maintain them can lead to large bills on a fairly frequent basis.

By moving to One Net you won’t have to worry about additional costs such as these, as One Net brings the very best in Cloud Technology meaning that maintenance and repairs will take place at the centre and far away from your business.

As it may be seen, a unified approach to communications can bring significant savings, flexibility, and convenience in the way you manage your business telecoms.

At Radius Connect, we believe that moving to One Net will allow your business to continue to operate safe in the knowledge that your communications are set up and configured to suit ‘your business‘ meaning that you should never miss an important call again.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with Vodafone One Net and focus on the issues that matter to you such as growth, innovation and closing deals instead of worrying about your business telecoms.

To discover more about how Radius Connect can introduce One Net to your business and put you on the right track for the year ahead, please get in touch today to speak to one of our team.