How to Stay Secure with Your Business Phone System

How to stay secure with your business phone system Cloud phone systems are the future of telecommunications for businesses. The classic phone lines will see their end with the ISDN switch off in 2025. While many businesses have already adopted cloud business phone systems, many are still reluctant to make the switch. The main concerns … Continued

The Time for Cloud Telephony Systems is Now

Is it time to move your on-premises business phone system to the cloud? Most organisations may still be used to having their PBX and UC technology on-premises. But the future of business communications will soon move completely to the cloud. In December 2025 all copper lines in the UK will be retired. It’s called the … Continued

Change of Shareholders at Municall New Communication Gmbh

Radius Payment Solutions Limited (Radius) one of the UK’s largest and most successful privately owned companies will acquire all the shares in Municall New Communication (Municall) on January 1st 2022. Municall is one of the leading distributors of telecommunications products and services in the B2B segment and has more than 1000 sales partners throughout Germany.  … Continued

Radius extends telco reach in Ireland with tenth major acquisition

Radius confirmed today that it had completed the acquisition of a majority investment into Telcom a Dublin based provider of voice and data services. Established in 1999 Telcom has built a leading ISP network that provides businesses with the fastest, most resilient and secure connectivity, voice and cloud services. As the country moves rapidly from … Continued